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Woodside Farm Creamery

1310 Little Baltimore Rd
Hockessin, DE 19707

Although Woodside has been a general farm since its purchase in 1796, it has focused mainly on the dairy operation. Up until 1928, the milk produced was separated into cream and skim milk. The cream was used to make butter and the skim milk was fed to hogs which were butchered for sausage and scrapple. For the next 33 years fluid milk was shipped in cans for grade “A” milk. In 1961 the dairy herd was sold, and from that point the farm produced various crops, eggs, poultry, sheep, beef, flowers and pumpkins. In the spring of 1995, dairy cows once again became the primary focus on the farm.  In 1996, the Mitchell Family was pleased to celebrate their 200th year of family-owned farming in New Castle County and was recognized by the State of Delaware as one of few remaining Centennial Farms in the First State.

Today the farm uses the natural resources available (sun, rain, and fertile soil) to produce alfalfa, clover, orchard grass and rye grass. These create lush, green pastures where our Jersey cows can graze and live in a clean and low stress setting. This is not only healthier for our cows, but for the environment as well. By providing this environment for our animals, they supply us with high quality milk, rich in cream, which we use to make our ice creams.

Woodside Farm Creamery opened in May of 1998, serving fresh premium ice cream made with our own milk, right here on the farm.  We hope you’ll enjoy visiting the Creamery and eating our fresh, premium, homemade, ice creams.

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