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All The Difference, Inc.


All The Difference, Inc., pediatric services center for developmental difference, is a non-profit corporation concerned with the impact of sensory integrative processing on people’s lives. We see how these differences impact upon an individuals’ learning, living, and interacting in their daily lives. We are an outpatient clinic which focuses on sensory integration treatment through occupational therapy services in conjunction with speech therapy services, floortime educational services, parent support, and parent training for additional home based therapies. We provide education, identification, evaluation, treatment, research, and possible prevention of sensory integration difficulties to halt what could become debilitating social or health conditions. Our therapeutic services are performed in the method of Developmental Individual Relationship-Based model (abbreviated to DIR and known less formally as “floortime”) originally conceived by Dr. Stanley Greenspan, M.D. and Serena Wieder, Ph.D. The children we serve, who have developmental difference, may also have been identified as children with “developmental delays”, multi-sensory processing difficulties, high level learning disability or difficulties, children with sensory integration dysfunctions, as well as children with spectrum disorders, ADD and ADHD. All mentioned will benefit from our services. We target these families as well as local pediatrician groups, educational systems, and professionals that work with these children and their families to make a difference.

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