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Hot Breakfast!, Hot Breakfast!

Today we are checking IN with the acoustic dork rock power duo, Matt Casarino & Jill Knapp from “Hot Breakfast!” We sat down for a virtual interview and talked about life, love, and making music before, during, and after a pandemic!

The Music School Virtual Class, Guitar Department Head and Cultural Crossroads Series Coordinator Chris Braddock

Founded in 1924, The Music School of Delaware has a long history of serving residents of Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maryland. As organizations continue to adapt to the realities of operating during the coronavirus lockdown, The Music School of Delaware has done so with exceptional agility. Join me for a Quarantine Check IN for an in-depth look at how the organization has pivoted successfully.

Sam Nobles - photo by Kevin Francis, The Bad Larry's, Hoochi Coochi

We’re well over a month into the COVID-19 Stay-At-Home orders and self-isolating has begun to take its toll. While many of us sit inside endlessly streaming Spotify or re-listening to our favorite albums to dissociate from the craziness, the musicians that create that music are one of the communities hit hardest by the pandemic. Wilmington’s vibrant and once bustling music scene has been shaken up by Coronavirus in a way many never expected...

, , FeelIN' fun and festive on Hawaiian shirt day, Mayor Mike Purzycki dropping IN on a call, Alumni chat

Don’t sweat the small stuff, they said. And then along came Covid-19, the smallest of small stuff that is toppling our healthcare systems, playing havoc with our daily lives and overthrowing world economies. The first indications, back in mid-March, that this virus was going to shake our ways of life were the various edicts to ban gatherings of more than 100 people. Due to this restriction, concert venues were the first to feel the effects of what was to come for the rest of the arts and businesses in our country. I talked with Andrew Truscott, Associate Director of Marketing at the The Grand Opera House in Wilmington about what their staff and management is doing during this unprecedented time of isolation to keep people connected and continue being a local torchbearer for the arts...

Danielle and Chelsea, Chelsea and Danielle, The INfamous IG photo that announced the move to Wilmington.

Small, rural towns have a (perhaps unfair, perhaps not) reputation for stifling artistic promise, as it can be an expression of one’s otherness. Perhaps this author is projecting, but dipping a toe in any alternative fashion or wearing a hairstyle that’s not in lockstep with everyone else can be enough to trigger a lifetime of insipid townieism, from peers and adults alike...

Facebook Live Magic Show presented by Party Business - March 27, Ronapalooza - March 28, Virtual Princess Party w/ Rapunzel - March 29, Sadhana Yoga offers FREE online classes, David Pollack Vintage Posters

We know, we know...Life is a little bizarre right now and finding things to do feels like a challenge. The good news is, the latest INstallment of our newsletter is chock-full of online offerings from Wilmington partners that will keep you and the family entertained right from your couch...