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Rich and Shah - photo by Joe del Tufo
Jill Althouse-Wood

Wilmington community activist and local hip hop performer Richard Raw and Founder/Executive Director of the Culture Restoration Project, Inc. Shah Jannele have been together for fourteen years and married for eight, but the seeds of their love story and local activism began over twenty years ago. When Rich was a teen, Shah’s father, Olvan Jones, mentored youth, teaching community classes about Black History in his home. As one of Shah’s father’s students, Rich credits him with keeping him out of a lot of trouble. He knew Shah in those days, of course, but as Rich was a few years older, he didn’t pay much attention to her...

Pasha and Kristina Kambalov
Jill Althouse-Wood

As real estate goes, the top floor of the Grand Opera House, the slate-shingled brow above the all-seeing Eye of Providence, makes for a pretty heady love nest. That floor, which houses the First State Ballet Theatre, isn’t home to Pasha and Kristina Kambalov, but it is both an incubator for and a showcase of love, theirs for each other and for their shared passion of ballet. Ballet came first...

Chelsea Tavern Beer Dinners
Jill Althouse-Wood

I had to bend a few New Year’s Resolutions and cut my Dryuary short to review the first in the Brewery-of-the-Month Dinner series at Chelsea Tavern. But if I had to boil my experience down to two words: Worth it!  


Hot Breakfast! Photo by Julie Snow
Danielle Johnson

We’ve heard time and time again that love is patient, love is kind, but not too often do we hear that love is side-splittingly funny. Well, it is for Wilmington’s premier acoustic dork rock power duo, Hot Breakfast! (exclamation point included). They let their comical and amusing personalities shine through their music, bringing audiences together for a delightfully entertaining and often wacky night of tunes...

Othello - New Light Theatre
Jill Althouse-Wood

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. A celebrity of color marries into a prominent, and decidedly white, political family. Haters come out of the woodwork and manipulate the situation to the detriment of the young couple. Though I could be describing Megxit, a story straight out of today’s headlines, I am referring to the plot in Shakespeare’s tragic play Othello...