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Morris James presents their donation to Culture Restoration, Inc.
Jill Althouse-Wood

If you happened to be walking past Wilmington’s Federal building by the Western entrance of Peter Spencer Plaza on the afternoon of Wednesday, October 7, you would have caught a glimpse of a check-presentation ceremony. We are all familiar with such a scene: a larger-than-life check that will never see the inside of a bank, smiling people, and the feel-good photo opp. And while the smiles may be obscured in these masked days of COVID-19, the goodwill is heightened. We all need a little good news, at this point in 2020, but it is more than that. Look a little closer at this scene and you will see an INtersection of everything the city of Wilmington has to offer—from corporate to non-profit, from history to culture, and from government to religion. All of this is on display on this sunny afternoon to celebrate Black lives and culture and promote social justice reform...

An Evening with J.R. Martinez
Jill Althouse-Wood

A pivotal scene in J.R. Martinez’s autobiography, Full of Heart, describes the moment that Martinez looked into the mirror for the first time after surviving a bomb that hit his Humvee while he was serving in U.S. Army in Iraq. He had suffered burns to 34% of his body—and those were just the visible wounds. Martinez’s devastation at the reflection in the mirror manifested as rage. He was only nineteen...

Erica Jones - photo by Joe del Tufo
Jill Althouse-Wood

In the space of ten minutes, three passersbys on the 200 block of West 9th Street stop to praise the mural that artist Erica Jones is in the process of painting. On a step ladder, jars of milky paint, all manner of magenta, lie in wait, as Jones considers her progress on her work, a larger-than-life portrait of slain Black Lives Matter activist Oluwatoyin “Toyin” Salau.

Rich and Shah - photo by Joe del Tufo
JulieAnne Cross


Literacy and math proficiency are challenges that a wide swath of students cannot overcome, despite hours a day of schooling and homework. It takes a village to raise a child, and it takes passionate individuals in the community to continue the work that guardians and teachers cannot always accomplish alone.


Arreon A. Harley-Emerson
Arreon A. Harley-Emerson
OpEd from Delaware Business Times

It is certainly no secret that the philanthropy and nonprofit sector in this country is led by white men. As a Black executive director, I consider myself fortunate, as I have been successful in this industry and have worked tirelessly to earn the respect of leaders in the sector. Despite my success, I face racism on a daily basis. I am not in this alone. Though there are few persons of color in executive positions, we agree that the lack of diversity, equity, and inclusion in a sector that is dedicated to social impact is problematic and has sustained a toxic culture of microaggressions and systemic racism...