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Malcolm Coley and Newdy Felton - Influencers Lab Media
JulieAnne Cross

Seeing a pair of marketers in lab coats on a website might initially strike a potential client as out of place. In the case of one Wilmington media company, that impression would be wrong.


Not only is one of Influencers Lab Media’s founders, Malcolm Coley, a chemist, but along with his partner Newton “Newdy” Felton, the pair creates STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) opportunities for young Wilmingtonians, along with business and learning opportunities for Wilmington’s black and brown children and adults.


Felton, a Howard High School and Delaware State University business management and marketing graduate, holds the title of Director of Business Development at The Lab. He (correctly, based on this author’s knowledge) feels his strength is as an influencer and connector...

Chef Dana Herbet
JulieAnne Cross

Not sure about you, but the first few months of COVID found me simply staring at my laptop most of the day, even when I didn’t have any particular work due, and then staring at my television all evening. Thankfully, the arrival of summer infused some energy and outdoor time into the mix, but the quantity of creative or inspired work that I’ve generated amounts to bupkis (translated: nothing at all)...

Green Box Kitchen
Pam George

Despite the nation’s uncertain economic climate, Jason Avila and his partners have been busy expanding their business, their charity and the ranks of healthy eaters. Avila, John Naughton and Angela Wagner own Green Box Kitchen, a plant-based cafe in Wilmington’s business district. They opened a Philadelphia location in November... 


Kim Klabe's All Revved Up with No Place to Go
Jill Althouse-Wood

The year was 2017. As an artist and a citizen, Kim Klabe was frustrated. Living in Rehoboth, DE, she was painting flawlessly rendered oil paintings of seascapes, old beach cottages, and boats, trying to sell them at art shows where she fought for notice in a sea of comparable work. The competition was brutal. After thirty years of putting in the work, her art was stagnating. Painting angles and the sharp edges of rooflines became a chore, and for what? She was paying more in fees to enter shows than she was making in sales...

Morris James presents their donation to Culture Restoration, Inc.
Jill Althouse-Wood

If you happened to be walking past Wilmington’s Federal building by the Western entrance of Peter Spencer Plaza on the afternoon of Wednesday, October 7, you would have caught a glimpse of a check-presentation ceremony. We are all familiar with such a scene: a larger-than-life check that will never see the inside of a bank, smiling people, and the feel-good photo opp. And while the smiles may be obscured in these masked days of COVID-19, the goodwill is heightened. We all need a little good news, at this point in 2020, but it is more than that. Look a little closer at this scene and you will see an INtersection of everything the city of Wilmington has to offer—from corporate to non-profit, from history to culture, and from government to religion. All of this is on display on this sunny afternoon to celebrate Black lives and culture and promote social justice reform...