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Sean Close, Damon Bonetti and Dave Johnson - photo by Matt Urban at NüPOINT Marketing
Dan Sanchez

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s most famous tale featuring everyone’s favorite deerstalker-dawned detective is being brought to life by the Delaware Theatre Company this fall. But not in the way one might suspect—not even by the great Sherlock Holmes, himself. To paraphrase the great detective; it’s a comedy, my dear Watson—a comedy...

India Saraí Colón
JulieAnne Cross

The 43rd annual Wilmington Hispanic Festival and Parade takes place this Sunday, September 15th and we talked to India Saraí Colón, a 15-year supporter of this event who has grown her role into managing the operations of the festival and parade...

Mitch King as Hyde - Photo by MJ Mac Productions
Jill Althouse-Wood

I have always had a thing for the Jekyll Hyde story. Classic tale of repression turned into madness. Here’s a secret: I considered changing the spelling of my first name from Jill to Jhyl. Clever, right? I could reference both the Jekyll (good) and Hyde (evil) in my character in a shift of two letters. People would always assume I changed the spelling just to be pretentious and mess with the baristas at Brew Ha Ha, and yeah, the monster in me has a bit of an ego—so I wouldn’t argue the charges. Contrast that with the innocent delight of the upstanding, blog-writing, fan-girl half of my personality when I scored the plum assignment to review Wilmington Drama League’s Jekyll & Hyde, the musical...  

Left to right: Brian Bruce, Erin Silva, Tyler Yoder. Photo by Danielle Johnson
Danielle Johnson

If you like the poppy hits of today's chart toppers like Arianna Grande and Cardi B, then stop reading. This place is not the place for you. In an industry where everything seems to be simplified into repetitive hooks and family-friendly lyrics, EyeBawl is uniquely and passionately honest about the ugly things in life with their lyrics and thunderously rock and roll with their sound. The trio includes seasoned players Brian Bruce and Tyler Yoder on drums and bass guitar and Erin Silva, who provides raw female-fronted energy...

Underground Kitchen IN Wilmington
Jill Althouse-Wood

It is Sunday morning, and I am sipping a divine cup of French press (angels singing above) and eating cinnamon buns (Carrie Fisher belting out a Broadway tune in my head) in post-glow of a remarkable dinner party I attended last night. Coffee and pastry were part of the goodie bag I received as Aretha Franklin sang me out of the top-secret location where I spent three hours tucking in with a couple dozen strangers at my first—and Wilmington’s inaugural—Underground Kitchen (UGK) event. The décor was stunning. The food was…well, I’ll get to all those superlatives later. The way you really know it was a good party? It’s the morning after...