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Brew HaHa! - Branmar Plaza

1812 Marsh Rd.
Wilmington, DE 19810

Serious coffee means that we are obsessed with coffee quality. Our number one guiding principle is a passion for excellence in coffee, served by knowledgeable and friendly staff. Brew Ha Ha! is an 8-store locally-based espresso cafe chain. Brew Ha Ha! cafes combine the quality and style of a premier Italian coffee bar with the intangible things that make customers happy - a warm and relaxed atmosphere, friendly staff and great food. The opposite of what many large specialty coffee chains offer today. Our mission as "coffee-evangelistas" is to save the masses from bad coffee experiences. 

Located in the Branmar shopping center in suburban North Wilmington, this quirky cafe reflects the residential, family-driven area.  Amidst schools and swim clubs, markets and neighborhoods, including the nearby artist hamlet of Arden, the cafe serves as a touchstone of the community.  Distinguished by its sidewalk seating in fair weather, the Branmar Brew Ha Ha! is the perfect spot for lattes and lightning bugs.

Hours of Operation

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