2012 INbassadors Guidelines

Who are the INbassadors?
The INbassadors are volunteers from Wilmington's business and nonprofit communities who have formed a social network to promote the City of Wilmington and all it has to offer. They hold monthly meetings to provide a forum to share information about upcoming events, form partnerships, and identify and support volunteer opportunities in Wilmington.

As ambassadors of the city's image campaign, "Wilmington: In the Middle of it All," the INbassadors are committed to finding new ways to coordinate promotional efforts and enhance the already vibrant social scene in Wilmington.  

INbassadors will:

  • Attend a minimum of four INbassadors meetings annually
    • Members will offer constructive feedback about events and programs they attended.
    • Members will share ideas for improving city events.
  • Volunteer at a minimum of two Wilmington events annually
    • Examples: Wilmington Grand Prix, IN Week, Fringe Festival, City Life Awards, Clifford Brown Jazz Festival.
  • Join the INbassadors Group Facebook page and opt in to receive Group notifications from Facebook.
  • Participate in the Pay-it-Forward INbassadors program four times a year (every time a member posts information on the INbassadors' Group Wall on Facebook, in the newsletter or on the website, he or she must share two other downtown/city events on their own personal and/or business walls(s) that they are not directly affiliated with, but simply excited about, or perhaps heard about from another INbassador.
    • Members will help spread the word about community events and programs to their business and social networks.
  • Create one new partnership annually through INbassadors connections
    • Members will help develop new initiatives that they feel will appeal to their colleagues, clients, friends and acquaintances.

Benefits of membership
The INbassadors meetings are held at a different Wilmington restaurant or location every month. As a member, you will be treated to one complimentary beverage. You will also receive a variety of special discounts as well as complimentary tickets to different events, concerts, restaurants and retails shops.

How do I become a member?
If you are interested in becoming an INbassador and coming to the table with ideas as well as a willingness to spread the word through your network, contact us!

Contact info

Barb Bullock
Director of Development & Communications
Wilmington Renaissance Corporation
Community Service Building
100 W. 10th Street, Suite 206
Wilmington, DE 19801
(O) 302-425-5500 x104
(F) 302-425-2485