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Ginger Coyle

With an arresting presence on stage, and a sophisticated understanding of her forebearers, coun on Ginger Coyle's 2017 Ladybug perfomance to INspire and amaze!

Hurricane Hoss

Whether plying through songbook standards or lavishing the crowd with one of her original pieces of brilliantly rebellious country music, each note of a Hurricane Hoss performance is a moment shared around her campfire as the sun sets, the whiskey flows and the blues drift away...

June Divided

June Divided's post rock leanings, electronic dalliances and powerful vocals guarantee a blazing performance on the main stage of Ladybug 2017, while lead singer Melissa Menago gets things started a little earlier with a softer, folksier set at Brew Ha Ha on Market... 

I Am Snow Angel

I Am Snow Angel enmeshes the music she creates with her compassionate verse, delivered with empathetic elegance and a cloying, sweltering susurration. The sound is both dreamlike and enigmatic, as bits and pieces float in and out, tempos shift up and down, all the while elements of her musical foundation flit into view, seeming to vanish immediately, only to resurface later in the mix.

Maya Belardo

With her youthful vigor and rejection of typical teenage tropes, we are convinced that Maya Belardo will be a powerful voice on stage and in the musical community, as well as a classy and sophisticated representative of our city for years to come...

Angela Sheik

Entwining a vintage jazz and vocal style with innovative novelty and studiously cultivated musical and production techniques, Willmington's own Angela Sheik ropes in your pain and spins out only awesome velvet bliss. We're happy to see her back on the local stage again. Welcome home, Angela!

As Lolas

If you are anything like us (you know you are, don’t deny it), it’s sheer rock and roll energy you want from your music festivals. So we absolutely cannot wait to see this raging INferno of rebellion get on stage and turn our ear drums inside out...

HALO Quartet

Becoming the first African American competing barbershop quartet to walk the international stage in history wasn’t a simple journey. But Halo are certain to leave their mark on the musical community with a much needed nod to their forebearers, and in the meantime they will settle for raising awareness, and dropping jaws...

Jenny Leigh

When country music singer/songewriter Jenny Leigh wants to get going, she slams her foot on the gas, redlining in a heartbeat. It’s this energy that her fans love and when she’s holding the wheel, hang on tight, ‘cuz her Friday headling Ladybug 2017 performance is gonna be a heck of a ride.

The Blind Spots

The Blind Spots wield a modern sound, skillfully and shrewdly assembled from details so timeless they would sound at home anywhere over the last 40 years...