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Living In Wilmington

Summer IN the Parks IN Wilmington

The sixth annual Summer in the Parks program, in partnership with The Grand Opera House, is in full swing with evening concerts planned starting July 11...

Brianna Hansen IN Wilmington

Infiltrate the inner circles of Market, ingratiate yourself with the in crowd, get really involved in what’s in Wilmington… and sooner than later, you’ll meet Brianna Hansen. The campaign manager for IN Wilmington, the city arts marketing campaign, has lived and breathed Market for years...

Alisa Morkides IN Wilmington

Alisa Morkides has not spent the past few years taking it easy. As coffee culture became increasingly sophisticated, so did Brew Haha!, the chain of Delaware coffee shops that she opened in the ‘90s and continues to steer to this day. Stores were remodeled, concepts were expanded, and one entirely new business, Brandywine Coffee Roasters, brought a new depth of flavor to the entire enterprise...

Ryan Eames IN Wilmington

Ryan Eanes believes in the power of communication. It’s right there on his web page. Ryan is an assistant professor of business management at Washington College. He’s also the director of the marketing minor. “My approach to marketing begins with this belief—that the decisions we make about the things we choose to consume are driven by communication.”