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Wilmington Delaware Food and Drink

Food and Drink

218 IN Wilmington

The specials call to us from the sandwich board on the sidewalk. Smoked chicken cheesesteak? We’ll take one, please. What do we want on it? We defer to owner Darril Guilford for suggestions...

Margaux IN Wilmington

Like a delicate soufflé, Margaux is rising gently on Market. In its first week, the front desk took limited reservations – by phone only – and slowly rolled out its menu of classic French fare to friends, family and savvy diners who had handed over their email addresses in advance. Now, we’re days away from Margaux throwing open its doors, and all Soufiane Lailani wants to talk about is the food…

Wildwich Food Truck IN Wilmington

Friday morning, May 4, and the Facebooks and Twitters and Instagrams of Wilmington are buzzing with the news...

La Fia

OperaDelaware announced this week that La Fia will be opening for brunch and dinner services for the next two Sundays (April 30 & May 7) as the 2017 OperaDelaware Festival brings hungry patrons to Market Street. As a downtown resident, I have to say, I’m excited for the opportunity to dig INto a new Sunday brunch spot, even if only for two weeks!

Forged Fashion by Ellen Durkan IN Wilmington

As always, we have another jam-packed weekend IN store for you #inWilm, all starting with 3 of our top picks from November's Art on the Town, plus, comedy, music, politics, tech and more...