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Ladybugs IN the Spotlight: I Am Snow Angel

I Am Snow Angel
Karl Malgiero



Hailing from: New York City
Genre: Electropop
RIYL: Grimes, Beth Orton, Julia Holter, Animal Collective, Four Tet
Performing: Friday, July 21st from 7:30pm-8:15pm at the baby grand


Since bands like the Postal Service and Animal Collective have come along, the music game has changed and a slew of artists have embraced the sample-based approach to crafting their artistry to much critical and public acclaim. With obvious INfluences from that realm comes I Am Snow Angel, the nom de guerre of Julie Kathryn, a former social worker and native of Lake Placid, New York. Her work is the product of years of dedication to honing her craft—sultry pop vocals delivered over loops and samples, accompanied by her simultaneous talent with guitar and keyboard. A deft practitioner of Ableton’s Push sequencer/sampler—a workhorse of electronic musical composition—Kathryn utilizes the tool to enmesh the music she creates with her compassionate verse, delivered with empathetic elegance and a cloying, sweltering susurration. The sound is both dreamlike and enigmatic, as bits and pieces float in and out, tempos shift up and down, all the while elements of her musical foundation flit into view (some R&B, a little jazz and, did I just hear some country and western twang? I thought I did…), seeming to vanish immediately, only to resurface later in the mix. But the listener need not solve a mystery, for what is ostensibly inscrutable in actuality becomes quite clear almost immediately: I Am Snow Angel is a musician and performer of the highest caliber, who has taken firm hold of her talents and stretched the limits of what was thought possible of a nascent genre. Pairing with our hometown hero Angela Sheik* at Ladybug 2017, we’ll be witness to an exhilarating and moving fruition of both artists’ bold and innovative efforts that have built upon those pioneered not so long ago.

*Yesterday we featured Angela Sheik as part of our Ladybugs IN the Spotlight. You can read that write up here.

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