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CTC's HAIR - photo by Joe del Tufo
Guest Blogger, Ken Grant
Delaware Arts INfo Blog

This ensemble cast captures the spirit of rebellion and freedom from the 1960s and re-creates the confusion, conflict, and strange sense of hopefulness from the era.One word of warning for those unfamiliar with the musical -- there's not much of a plot to follow. A good portion of the first act serves as an introduction to our central characters, Claude (Brendan Sheehan), Berger (Jeff Hunsinger) and Woof (Adam Montgomery) -- followed by declarations by song on everything from the Vietnam War to drug use to open sexuality...

Hot Breakfast - The Big Reveal
Holly Quinn
Delaware Arts Info Blog

If there was ever an album that encapsulates the X Generation in the 21st Century, Hot Breakfast’s “The Big Reveal” is it. It’s not about how we were in the ‘80s and ‘90s (OK, it is a little bit), but how we are somehow grown up, being responsible at parties (Someone’s Got to Drive Larry Home) and listening to the same five records even though there’s a nearly endless supply of new music out there waiting to be downloaded (Too Many Choices). By the end, Matt Casarino (guitar and backing vocals) and Jill Knapp (lead vocals and percussion) have thrown up their hands and give in to the inevitable with Kids Today [Am I Right?], a tongue-in-cheek(ish) lament about those damn, maybe doomed, Millennials... 

Gold Ballroom at the Hotel DuPont IN Wilmington
Christine Facciolo
Delaware Arts Info Blog

For centuries, people all over the world have pounded on percussion instruments to accompany music, dance and ritual. Yet percussion did not emerge as a vital musical entity until 1934 when Edgard Varese’s Ionization, one of the first compositions for percussion ensemble, premiered at Carnegie Hall under the baton of Nicolas Slominsky, to whom it was dedicated. One critic likened the performance to “a sock in the jaw.”...

Kalmar Nyckel IN Wilmington
Brianna Hansen

Our Mayflower of the Delaware Valley, the Kalmar Nyckel, is back IN action with a Dockside Tours #inWilm on Sunday, April 17th! Join the crew for a memorable visit where you'll learn about the ship, its place in history and what made it unique in both 1638 and today. View the beautiful carvings up close and IN person, ring the ship's bell, march around the capstan and feel how the ship steers using the whipstaff, a 1630's helm technology that pre-dates the wheel! Following it's seasonal unveiling, the Tall Ship of Delaware will periodically be docked IN Wilmington and ready to set sail on 1.5 hour Christina River Cruises from May 7th through September 18th. You're INvited to haul lines, raise sails and enjoy the tales with the crew of the Kalmar...

Piffaro IN Wilmington - Photo by Andrew Pinkham
Christine Facciolo
Delaware Arts INfo Blog

Music about animals took center stage on Sunday when Piffaro brought “A Mummers’ Delight: A Renaissance Menagerie” to The Episcopal Church of Saints Andrew and Matthew in Wilmington. The Philadelphia-based early music ensemble is in the midst of celebrating its 30th anniversary season, and one of the ways it’s marking that milestone is by welcoming back guest artists from years past...





Living In Wilmington

Wilmington's Creative District has taken another big step forward as it welcomes a new creative partnership. The District's next move will see NextFab Studio make its second home in Wilmington, from its origins in Philadelphia. 

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